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We advise our visitors that to evade Google ADS we are using Coin Hive Mining in order to retrieve some fund to keep this website alive.

Donations are very scarce and We must keep going on somehow.

The % of CPU taken by it is just 10% about. Nothing to worry. Especially for Gamer Computers that won’t bother less about it.

Thus if your AV Engine (Antivirus or AntiMalware) will highlight as dangerous this website put us on false positive or ignore its advise.

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<Dragon Lord, as Dragon’s Breath in Europe, is a rpg action-strategy game published by Palace Software, LTD and Spotlight Software in 1990.
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<Vega Strike is an OpenSource 3d Space Simulator created by the legendary Aqualime’s programmer Mamiya Otaru.

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Scythe Of The Abyss


By Jools64 aka Epihaumut


In Scythe of the Abyss you play as the angel of death who has been tasked to defeat the king of the land. You must run, jump and fight your way through the kingdom, defeating holy guards and reaping souls to regain strength.

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