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>Star Control II is a science fiction video game, the second game in the Star Control franchise. It was developed by Toys for Bob (Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III) and originally published by Accolade in 1992 for DOS. It was later ported to the 3DO in 1994 with an enhanced multimedia presentation, allowed by the CD technology. The source code of the 3DO port was licensed under the GNU GPL in 2002, the game content under a Creative Commons license. The game was then remade, with the project being called “The Ur-Quan Masters”.

The player begins the game as a commander of the Precursor starship, who returns to Earth to find it enslaved by the Ur-Quan. It is discovered that the rest of the humans’ allies in the war against the Ur-Quan have either been eradicated, put under a slave shield, or put into service as Ur-Quan battle thralls. As the player progresses, it is revealed that the Ur-Quan are fighting an internecine war with the Kohr-Ah, a subspecies of Ur-Quan who believes in eradicating all life in the galaxy, as opposed to enslaving it. The winner of this war will gain access to the Sa-Matra, a Precursor starship with unparalleled power. The player must take advantage of the Ur-Quans’ distraction to contact and recruit alien races into a new alliance, gather resources and build a fleet, and find a way to destroy the Sa-Matra, all before the Ur-Quan finish their war and become unstoppable.

Ur-Quan Masters HD :

Star Control II Remake

Ur-Quan Masters HD Mod. An HD remake of Star Control 2. It’s the full Ur-Quan Masters game but also featuring a high resolution mode, new features, & new artwork.


  • Play in the original graphics, OR in Hi-Res mode
  • Internet Multi-Player
  • Hundreds of worlds to explore.
  • Ship vs. Ship Melee combat: 26 Unique ships. Easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Amazing Single Player Story
  • Based on 1992’s Game of the Year, Star Control 2
  • Star Control 2 at Pages of Now and Forever



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