<Urban Strike by EA-Electronic Arts was released in 1994 on Megadrive before being, like its elders, adapted on other platforms.

The scenario is not that great but still it is somehow and it will evolve so much during the progress of the game until the surprising attack On the World Trade Center!

After playing Desert Strike and Jungle Strike, we realize that there is not much we can do to improve it: make the helicopter more agile, continue on the Jungle track by adding more vehicles Bonuses and new environments, insist on the square side giving more precise and targeted information to the player … In short, the detail, nothing more.

Urban Strike got 6 buttons feature and brand new enemies like a BlackHawk inspired helicopter, a F29 Retaliator and other stunning enemies.

As scenarios you will find a night in a besieged Las Vegas and a few towers above the roofs of New York or the mist of Los Angeles.

Audio sound and effects are weak and no digital voice as in his previous versions.


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