Uridium Remakes

Uridium Remakes

>Uridium is a science fiction side-scrolling shoot ’em up originally designed by Andrew Braybrook for the Commodore 64, and later ported to other 8-bit machines. It consists of fifteen levels, each named after a metal element, with the last level being called Uridium (a fictional metallic element, not to be confused with the real metallic element iridium). The manual quotes Robert Orchard, who invented the name as saying “I really thought it existed.”

Uridium was later released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. Mindscape purchased a license to release a game based on the film The Last Starfighter. Rather than program a new game, however, Mindscape decided to take an easier route by recycling an older, relatively obscure game. The title screen, sprites, and soundtrack were modified, but the levels and gameplay were identical. In 2003, it was re-released on the C64 Direct-to-TV.

>The Remake .

The solar system is under attack! Enemy Super-Dreadnoughts have been placed in orbit around each of the planets. They are draining mineral resources from the planetary cores for use in their power units. Each Super-Dreadnought seeks out a different metal for its metal convertor.

Your Manta class Space Fighter will be transported to each planet in turn and it is your task to destroy each Dreadnought. First you must attack the defensive screen of enemy fighters, then you must neutralize the majority of surface defenses before you land on the Super-Dreadnought’s master runway. It is then possible to activate the Dreadnought’s self-destruct mechanism.
Your Manta fighter is deployed on a low-level strafing run as you start your assault on the aliens’ defenses. You must avoid the meteor screens and communications aerials which tower above the Dreadnought’s surface.
The fighter defenses deploy in waves. A bonus is awarded after landing if all ships in a wave are destroyed. Attack surface features to score bonus points but beware of the homing mines which materialize over flashing generator ports!
When the LAND NOW message appears, move as soon as possible to the right hand end of the Super-Dreadnought and fly flat over the end of the master runway from left to right.
Once inside the Super-Dreadnaught you will be given the chance to fly down the super structure to the core reactor. Avoid the energy field defenses and you come up against the reactor, protected by iridium shields. Blast thru each of these to destroy reactor and the Dreadnaught.

>Your Manta Class Fighter

Joystick up/down sets the position above the Super-Dreadnought, joystick left/right controls acceleration and deceleration. If your velocity falls too low your fighter performs a half-loop followed by a half-roll so as to face in the opposite direction. The guidance also temporarily increases your height above the surface and may be used to avoid incoming missiles and mines. Your Manta performs a 90 degree roll if you press and hold fire whilst moving the joystick up or down. This will enable you to pilot through restricted

Download game here

*Note – As this game was written pre Windows 7, a DLL may be missing from Windows. If this is the case, the missing file is here and can be downloaded and placed in the System folder, or the folder where the game is unpacked.

Download DLL here




nd Don’t forget The Uridium Sequel by Andrew Braybrook for Amiga ,
a superb one , with nice intro music and nice digital voice by Jason Page over board events and control :



Futuridium is a fast paced, action packed, classic shoot’em up with a modern twist. We developed the game for a contest promoted by the italian website Gameprog.it, and then decided to do do a full fledged product. We wanted to do a flat shaded, bright coloured 3d shoot’em up, with an heavy focus on scoring and some advanced special effects to enhance the visual impact, so we started with a couple of ideas:

  • No special powers, no bonuses: only the player reflexes count. Your ship, your lasers, your ability!
  • You can stop and turn your ship 180° at any time, just pressing a button
  • All the levels are HUGE alien capital ships. You fly over them, under them, trying to destroy all the energy cubes (blue cubes), to reveal the main cube (golden cube) that keeps the ship flying.
  • No speed control: you fly as fast as possible…

One of our main inspiration is the classic shooter Uridium by Andrew Braybrook. But in full 3D.


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