VC 314 Raspberry PI in a C64


VC 314 Raspberry PI in a C64


The VIC- 314,

A Raspberry  Pi in a C64.
You can now read the whole text to this project here from Lotek64! issue #41! auf Deutsch

Whats a Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a  small, inexpensive computer that is capable of running tasks like most other PCs, however it is smaller, a lot smaller in fact it measures  85.60mm x 53.98mm x 17mm , almost the size of a credit card and costs £25. It has an ARM11 chip at its heart, which finds its origins in early UK microcomputers, notably first in the Acorn Electron, the brain child of  Mk14, ZX80 and 81s’ Chris Currie and Austrian physicist Herman Hauser.

It is made by a foundation that is run as a charity, amongst the PI’s aims is to bring raw coding and computing back to the young masses who are  suffering with a lack of computer skills, there is a generation that can use computers , but not a generation that can make computers work without pointing and clicking a mouse, there is a difference between the two, the same analogy  could be applied to technicians and Engineers, the Techs can swap and change, but the Engineers can fix and fabricate and innovate, it is said that the fear is we have more Techs than engineers. So bringing a cheap raw computer to the masses is one possible way to reverse this trend. Similarly  the way the first computer to retail less than £100 the ZX81 kick started  the early inception of creative computing, the results are still with us today.

As to how easy or hard it is to use, I am not sure, the RPi will be debated by more and more of its energised following as they receive their computers, time will tell, maybe I can write about that one day. […]

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