VIC-20 Resources

VIC-20 Resources

>In 1980, Commodore Business Machines announced the Vic 20 computer, presented as an affordable colour computer for the masses.  The Vic 20 was based on the MOS Technology 6502 processor and came with a staggering 5K RAM, of which 3.5K was available to the user.   It’s name came from a custom chip called the VIC chip (6560/6561) which provided its graphics and sound capabilities.

Due to the popularity of this early home micro (the first to sell over a million units) the Vic enjoyed a large collection of games over it’s lifespan.  The Vic 20 Gamer website is a growing resource highlighting  some of those games from the best remembered to dismal scrappings from the very gutter of the early gaming.  You might even stubble across a hidden gem.

A gorgeous site for it : VIC20 GAMER


VIC-20 Software Releases of 2012

Download (with source):


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