>Sort of Mazinger-Z Robot, the video game developed by Takuhama of Dark New World Software may be considered a


Ban Presto’s Mazinger-Z light clone.
It’s worth to get it and play for all nostalgic from coin-op and the mecha-anime series of 70’s and 80’s .


>Story : In 1977 , Earth was on the verge of extinction .
Invaders from space ” SkyMgic Gogo ” led the ” Gogo Corps ” so said the hands of the devil .For Gogo corps that conquered almost all of the galaxy, the earth seemed to target too easy .However , they did not know That the main defense of the human race is the ” ultra-robotic Research Institute ” where has been developed the power of invincible crystal of science of “super robot Vulkaiser .

Go in , Vulkaiser ! Fight, fight the evil Gogo Corps ! Until the day when peace comes to the earth!The Battle hordes are invading with mechanical rockets !
Vulkaiser has a very high durability .
There are four types of global fighters .
You will discover them .
To clear the stage Defeat the boss !
Screen is under development. There are always things that are subject to change without notice .




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