<Wibarm (1986), stylized as WiBArM (ウィバーン), is a role-playing shooter released by Arsys Software for the NEC PC-88 computer in Japan and ported to MS-DOS for Western release by Brøderbund Software.

It combines run and gun shooter game play with role-playing video game elements, and was also the first action role-playing game to feature 3D polygonal graphics. In Wibarm, the player controls a transformable mecha robot that can shift between walking mode, a tank, and a flying jet. The viewpoint switches between several different perspectives.

The game features a variety of weapons and equipment as well as an automap, and the player can upgrade equipment and earn experience to raise stats

Arsys company was founded as Arsys Software by former Technosoft staff members Osamu Nagano and Katsunori Yoshimura on 11 November 1985, closed at 2001.

A little-known Japanese import similar to Psychic War (also from Brøderbund) in the cute anime style and console-influenced gameplay, Wibarm is notable for a wide variety of gameplay options. In this futuristic sci-fi game, you control a robot that can transform into a spacecraft a la Thexder, fight hordes of aliens in cool 3D indoors and 2D outdoors. Great fun, although probably too simplistic for hard-core RPGers.

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