>Classic Cinemaware Wings gets another great Remake ,

meet Wings Battlefield, high customizable game for the most classic of WWI Air Fighters…

The ultimate head-to-head 3D air combat game for your next-gen Amigas!
Fly through the canyons and hills and take out your opponents before being taken out by them.

– 1 to 4 players battle
– split screen or LAN*
– human or CPU opponents
– adjustable CPU intelligence
– player profiles
– adapts to all screen-modes / window sizes
– Tate mode (pivot monitor support)
– best played with your digital joysticks
– procedural level editor
– three different landscape styles
– online high scores
– optional full scene anti-aliasing (Warp3D and Compositing versions only)
– lots of graphics options to get the perfect balance between performance / quality
– localized to English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish and Swedish
– automatic updates


* LAN! Not WAN! If playing LAN sessions each player is required to have his own CD licence key!
The latter does not apply to the kind people who significantly donated or helped us in other ways As being mentioned in those interviews: we don’t forget that!



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