Winter Windows


>It looks perfectly like a coin up home made but not because it’s noteless just opposite .

Winter Windows is a fast-paced arcade game by Hyper-Game Inc. where you navigate a maze of ladders and corridors, rallying to close and lock all the windows before the evil snowmen chase you down… or your house gets so cold you freeze right on the spot! As you proceed, the levels get trickier and trickier and a larger group of snowmen will try to surround you! Take part in fierce competition for the top of the highscore table!

Everything is presented in authentic quality 8-bit sprites and sounds, giving you a perfect 1980s arcade feeling. Originally created for the 16×16 Challenge with the theme “Keep Warm”.

  • Game Name: Winter Windows
  • Category: Action Puzzle / Arcade
  • File Size: 3 MB
  • GM Version: Studio 1.4
  • Screen Resolution: 480×640
  • Mulitplayer: No
  • Download Link:…71soyhtv96gimoo
  • Screenshots:


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