Wizard of Wor Remake


Far, far away from planet earth in another galaxy there is a planet called “Terror” where the Wizard of Terror is up to his tricks. He built a mighty empire and created a new species of monsters never seen in the universe before. Those monsters, formed to an army of darkness, are unfeeling, unscrupulous and willing to kill for their master. With this army the mad wizard is about to extinguish all humanity.

Our four heroes discovered the subterranean headquarter of the Wizard of Terror and his evil army, before he could execute his crazy plan. Now it is your turn to defeat the army of darkness and the Wizard or Terror…




Monsters of Terror is a faithful conversion of the C64 game Wizard of Wor, which is itself a coin-op conversion. It has 100% accurate sound effects sampled from the C64 game, and the gameplay is near identical. What makes this game worthwhile on the Amiga though is the completely enhanced graphics, and optional enhanced gameplay, combined with options for up to four simultaneous players (the original only had two), human or computer. If you have never seen Wizard of Wor, well, it’s a shoot-em-up. Players enter an maze-like arena infested with monsters, their aim is to destroy the monsters, while trying to avoid being shot by the monsters or the other player (who is supposed to be on your side.) More difficult monsters may appear in the arena as their bretheren are killed off, and the round ends when the arena is emptied. SPECIAL HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS One to four joysticks, an AGA-chipset Amiga (ie: A1200 or A4000), and probably a monitor if you don’t want to be playing by ear. COPY PROTECTION None. The game is shareware – the freely distributable version is limited in the number of levels you can play. The paid version (I paid) is branded with your name, in the hope that you won’t distribute it. Which is kind of a moot point now, as the author has since made the game free to all anyway. The full version can now be downloaded from his website:

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