<International Karate is a karate fighting game created and published by System 3.

Epyx licensed and published the game in the US as World Karate Championship in April 1986.

International Karate + a successor which expanded the gameplay through the introduction of an additional – although not player controllable – karateka, was released in 1987. Through the unauthorized release of International Karate + Gold in 2001, this player was made controllable using a joystick adapter.

The Spectrum version was used as the starting point for the Amstrad CPC port. Another port exists for the MSX platform.

A version for the Atari ST home computer was created by Andromeda Software and released in 1986. This version featured the most advanced graphics of all versions as the 16bit hardware supported more colors and larger sprites.

The port to the PC, published the same year, utilised CGA graphics and therefore was reduced to four colours.

In 2000, a Game Boy Color version, created without input from Archer MacLean, was released as International Karate 2000. It sported some enhancements, and was the basis for International Karate Advanced released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance.

The C64 version saw re-releases in 2004 as a title on the C64 Direct-to-TV.


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