We can announce finally that RAID OVER MOSCOW by Earok is finally done!

Still in beta Stage but we have all stages done to be played !

There are two control modes, the original that combines joystick and keypad or a modified mode that allows the game to be fully controlled by the joystick.



World MAP:
Enter the shed: Fire or Space

Speed: High
Rise: Fire (Netherlands with modified control)
Turn: Left / Right
Open: F7 / 2 Fire / Low (Fire with modified control)

Sideshifts: Left / Right (Up / Down with modified control)
Ascent: BAS (with modified control law)
Descent: Top (Left with modified control)
Pull: Fire

Bank: Left / Right
Up: Down
Down: Top
Draw: Fire

Move: Left / Right
Aim High: Low (High modified with control)
Aim Low: High (Netherlands with modified control)
Pull: Fire

Move: Left / Right
Adjust objective: Up / Down
Start disk: Fire


A New Remake Raid Over Moscow Remake for Amiga 500 only is released partially by Earok, moderator at eab.abime.net,

it looks awesome , really a masterpiece on graphic theme, but there’s still work to do on it:


IjxDhsp-300x188  sU9kXbj-300x188

A partly complete port of Raid Over Moscow (using Adrian Cumming’s art and coded in Blitz Basic) has been zoned, with more than a few caveats:

  • Only a few levels. Hangar, Defence and Map screens are done. It’s completely missing the Scrolling Approach, Kremlin, Reactor and end cut scene.
  • Completely unoptimized. There’s no usage of hardware sprites, text rendering is done much more often than actually needed etc. As such, the Hangar screen runs sluggishly on a 68000 (it’s OK on a 68020).
  • No sound effects
  • Done within extremely tight time constraints during the gamedev event I’m at this weekend, so it’s very unrefined.

If there’s any demand I may finish it off one day.

ADF Image, CD32 ISO and the basic files are included.

Edit: Forgot to mention, at this stage you need a two button pad (no keyboard support).

Button 1: Shoot. Climb in the Hangar scene.
Button 2: Switch to Hangar from the Map scene. Open doors in Hangar.




Raid Over Moscow Remake is now a reality thanks to the great but slow
Andrew Layden’s job , thank you very much from all the 80’s cold war cbm people!!!
Cutting the high grass , You can find it here ,
and twice thanks for adding the left ctrl key as fire.


Quite excellent graphic , a bit harsh not playing with joypad but who knows ,
Layden could add a day also that , just update us .
You would also visit our RAID OVER MOSCOW LONGPLAY PAGE,
although people complained about the third part , but hey , sacrifice rulez , doesn’t it ?


YF-23 Raid Over Moscow Remake

Brief History of Raid Over Moscow Jet and its connection to 23 :
Based on the Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23
which was a prototype fighter aircraft designed for the United States Air Force.
YF-23 was a finalist in the U.S.Air Force’s Advanced Tactical Fighter competition.
Two YF-23s were built and were nicknamed “Black Widow II” and “Gray Ghost”, respectively.
The YF-23 lost the contest to the Lockheed YF-22,
which entered production as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.



And hmn.. We found out the amiga version never released of R.O.M.

raidamiga raidamiga2

>And CBM64 Snaps :

raidover raid

 At the end , you can download the longplay video from the following ed2k links :


and the remake,in case the bandwidth on Layden’s page wouldn’t be enough:




US Air Force / NASA Helicopter simulator was powered

by Commodore Amiga

In the 80’s the often over looked computer Amiga helped companies and governments develop much cheaper and better solutions to computer problems/needs. Just another quick clip that demonstrates this. watch the whole video here https://archive.org/details/amiga_2

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